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Our 4th edition online activities are specifically developed to promote reading ability in Latin and really are world-leading. We have:

  • every story in the Course with 'quick click' vocabulary, enabling learners to instantly see the definition of a word and therefore spend more time reading, rather than turning the pages of a dictionary;
  • online vocabulary testers for every Stage;
  • 'Sorting Words' activities, drilling form recognition and giving immediate feedback;
  • 'Practicing the Language' activities, which automatically assess form selection and translation accuracy;
  • hundreds of weblinks to further information on the cultural context of the Course.

These online resources are organised Unit by Unit and Stage by Stage to fit in with the printed textbooks.


Online resources currently available on this web site without a subscription:

  • weblinks on the cultural topics,
  • vocabulary testers,
  • dictionaries.


Now available via CUP's Elevate platform via a subscription:

  • WebBooks (online editions of the textbooks),
  • interactive versions of the stories,
  • video dramatisations of the stories,
  • cultural background videos
  • language manipulation activities,
  • vocabulary testers,
  • dictionaries.