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The 4th edition of the Cambridge Latin Course has been used by over 1,000,000 students around the world.


The core resource is a series of 4 textbooks, published by Cambridge University Press (CUP). These can be ordered through your local bookshop or directly from CUP. Further print materials provide support for both teachers and learners. For schools we suggest the following structure:

  • Latin 1: Units 1 and 2
  • Latin 2: Unit 3
  • Latin 3: Unit 4

Two editions of the CLC are available in North America: the 4th edition, released 2001-2003, and the 5th edition, released 2015.


To support the 4th edition CLC textbooks there is a range of software available:

1. Online resources currently available on this web site:

  • weblinks on the cultural topics,
  • vocabulary testers,
  • dictionaries.

These online resources are organised Unit by Unit and Stage by Stage to fit in with the printed textbooks.

2. Available via CUP's Elevate platform:

  • WebBooks (online editions of the textbooks),
  • interactive versions of the stories,
  • language manipulation activities,
  • vocabulary testers,
  • dictionaries,
  • videos covering language and cultural background content,
  • worksheets and activites.

3. iPad Textbooks.

Our iPad textbooks give access to the content of the CLC via an iPad app. Once purchased, our iPad Textbooks can be used without an internet connection. In addition to the textbook content, the iPad Textbooks give access to our Story Explorers, our interactive dictionaries, a number of video introductions, as well as audio for stories and model sentences.

iBook Textbooks are only available via the iTunes Store. Your school or district may have an account with Apple. If not, iBook Textbooks can be purchased directly from the iTunes Store, search for Cambridge Latin Course. 4th Edition Language Information sections are free. Other Stages are $1.99.

Teachers' area

The Teachers' area includes an outline of the pedagogy of the CLC and an image gallery of downloadable CLC line drawings.