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4e Core materials

Student's Books, Teacher's Manuals, E-Learning Resources, Omnibus Workbooks, Activity Masters and so on are all available from Cambridge University Press (CUP). You can order via our shop.

4e Ancillary materials

A huge range of ancillary materials to support teachers using the Cambridge Latin Course is available from the North American Cambridge Classics Project.

4e Webbook subscriptions

The Webbooks are published by CUP's elevate sytem. Access is available from us (the University of Cambridge School Classics Project). To purchase Webbook subscriptions click here, for general information on purchasing our resources click here.

4e iPad Textbooks

Apple only permit these to be sold via its iTunes Store. Once you're in the iTunes Store, head to the Books > Textbooks section and search for 'Cambridge Latin Course'. For more information on our iPad Textbooks and their publication dates, see our iPad Textbooks page.